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How to Select a Bellevue Property Manager?

Written By: Laurel Black

The first question to ask yourself is why hire a property manager? The answer is simple, property management services help to grow your investment and increase cash flow.Read more

Increase Your Capital From Selling Home

Upon deciding to sell your home, there are many choices to be made in the home selling process, some obvious, some not so.  Understanding all aspects and avenues to increase the capital you receive upon selling your home is very important to maximizing its value to you and your family. Read more

Plan Ahead For Those Big Fixes

Buying a home can be the most rewarding process of your life.  It can also be the most expensive purchase you make as well.  Making sure you have a home reserve fund in place after you’ve paid all of the upfront cost for the home or a really good plan to achieve one is essential. Read more

Real Estate Agencies Explained

When you decide you might be ready to sell your home or investment property it is good to know all the different types of real estate relationships there are to help you in the sale of your home. Each agency typically has the same end game, the processes and costs to get there are varied, and some are different only in small details and are easy to confuse. Read more

Home Buying Process and Tips

This is designed to be a step by step process in the home buying scenario. We’ve tried to cover each step in order so that you may be more informed and prepared for this process. It is a long, complex process that can be confusing, but hopefully with our checklist, you feel more prepared.Read more

Maximize Your Compact Kitchen Space

Many of us are in the same boat. We either live in an apartment, townhome, or condo. This typically means we all have kitchen space that could be a little smaller than we would like. Read more

Understanding the Home Buying Closing Process

The closing of a residential property is a long, complex process.  It however is one of the most rewarding, exciting processes of your life. Read more

Home Gardens: Eat Healthy and Save Money

These days, many individuals are going above and beyond to try and eat healthy while also saving money.  The economy is forcing individuals’ hands in terms of penny pinching and spending wisely, and a new social focus on healthy living is causing many to find ways of eating healthier. Read more

Add Fun and Quality Family Time to Your Home

As families grow and children get older, there are many activities and functions for each member of the family that makes getting everyone together for fun and togetherness difficult.  Read more

Maximize Your Home Remodel

Renovating and remodeling your home can be a stressful and expensive endeavor.  Many families realize their home is not fulfilling all of their needs and they must make changes.  Read more

Tips for Deposit Refund

Getting your full deposit back is very important for many tenants, as the deposit represents a very significant amount of money.  Read more

Summer Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is a necessary chore to maintain the safety and value of your home.  Monitoring and fixing home issues at their early stages are very important steps that reduce cost of repairs and time spent doing them.  With a little know-how, most home owners can complete many home tasks themselves, especially if issues are not longstanding. Read more

Live in an Efficient, Safe Home

No one likes to deal with appliance inefficiencies and repairs.  Appliances were created to help make your life easier, not harder.  Read more

Snohomish – Developer Fee Debacle Resolved

Imagine you go to sell or refinance your home and are told there are unpaid liens on your property you have no knowledge of and those liens cost up to $20.000.  Now imagine you just lost your job and don’t have the funds to repay the liens and thus are not allowed to even sell your home to give you the ability to start over.  Read more

Sammamish – Tent City and it’s Impacts on the Community and Housing Market

Tent City and other homeless encampments present difficult decisions and challenges for city governments and their populations.  Read more

Bothell – UW Bothell is State’s Fastest Growing Campus

The UW Bothell campus is the state’s fastest growing campus as well as being the largest branch campus in the state.  This was the plan when UW Bothell was in its infancy stages more than 20 years ago; it just took a little longer than expected to achieve those lofty goals.  Read more

Issaquah – Microsoft Sells 63 acres to Polygon Homes in Issaquah Highlands

Microsoft has sold 63 acres they owned in the Issaquah Highlands to a group led by Polygon Home builders for $54 million.  Read more

Kirkland – New Kirkland Google Campus has Positive Effects on Local Real Estate Market

Google has decided they love their 4 year old Kirkland building so much, they are going to start construction this year to double the size of the campus and hire 1,000 new employees.  Read more

Renton – Boeing to Expand 737 Production to Soaring Heights

Despite bad employment news affecting other Boeing plants, especially the one located in Everett, the Boeing plant in Renton is getting great employment news that will last for several years to come and be a boon to local businesses, real estate endeavors, and the local economy.  Read more

Redmond – Developers Have Noticed Redmond has Highest Daytime Population Rise in US

Recent census data shows that Redmond has the highest daytime population rise in the United States.  Redmond has a population count of approximately 52,000 people, however during weekday business hours the population rises to a robust 110,000 people.  Read more

Mercer Island – Pros and Cons of Light Rail Station

The East Link Project is in its final design stages for a light rail system that connects Mercer Island to Seattle and its surrounding communities.  Read more