Vacancies and Application

Davis Property Management’s Application Requirements

  • Above average FICO score
  • Total household income of at least 3 times total monthly rental amount
  • No major credit issue, including collections
  • No past evictions
  • Positive referral from previous landlord

Tenant Application

Notice: All adult applications (18 years or older) must complete a separate application for rental.

Please note that Davis Property Management, including all of its employees and affiliates as it relates to City of Seattle properties only, are prohibited from requiring disclosure, asking about, rejecting an applicant, or taking an adverse action based on any arrest record, conviction record, criminal history, except for registry information as described in subsection 14.09.025.A.3, subsection 14.09.025.A.4, subsection 14.09.025.A.5, and subject to the exclusions and legal requirements in section 14.09.115.