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      You are in good hands with Davis Property Management! Our team provides expert property management services tailored to the needs of your property and investment strategy. We owe our continuing success to our years of experience. Our satisfied clients speak volumes of what we can do for you. Guided by the philosophy that we are here to make a difference, we help our clients develop the best strategic goals for their properties. We focus on vigilant property management and maximizing your income, so you have total peace of mind.

      Affordable Fees

      Our management fees beat other property management company in the Puget Sound area.

      Full Service

      We offer full-service management for all types of properties: Multi-family, Residential, Office, Retail, Mixed-use, Industrial, and Non-profit.

      Expert Maintenance

      Our maintenance team can repair any minor problem before it becomes a major issue or deferred maintenance.

      Cost-Effective Support

      We’ve spent years building relationships with local businesses and contractors that provide significant discounts for repairs and improvements.

      Fast Leasing

      Our extensive experience plus marketing on 83 websites and data capabilities allows us to set the highest and most competitive rental terms. We provide fast and thorough screening of applicants, and lease signing is done digitally.


      DPM is licensed and ready to market and sell your property. In addition to managing properties, we also guide clients through the buying and selling process to achieve substantial profit.

      Online Portal

      Our online management platform makes it easy for renters to meet their contractual obligations and owners to collect what is due to them. Online portals are provided for tenants, owners, vendors, and properties.

      Law & Regulation Compliance

      Our trusted legal team provides counsel and enforces all lease agreements as well as landlord-tenant laws.

        Free Management & Rental Analysis

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          Free Management & Rental Analysis

          Property Management Services

          Onsite Management – Our responsive platform keeps tenants safe, happy, and long-term residents. Onsite managers will provide lease and regulation compliance and oversee the service of your property.

          Offsite Management – Our office team will respond to all correspondence including legal and financial hassles, so you don’t have to.

          Prompt Maintenance – Within hours of learning about a maintenance issue, we’ll schedule a skilled, certified tradesmen to diagnose and resolve the problem.

          Rent Collection – We collect rent payments via tenant portal and secure the funds until they are dispersed to the property owner. In the event of delinquencies, we’ll follow up with the tenant and begin the legal process, if necessary, or connect you with our legal team.

          Bill Payment – Keeping track of your property’s invoices and statements is just another headache you do not need. We use specialized property management software to make sure payments are made accurately and on time.

          Property Analysis Services

          Property Audit – We will conduct an all-encompassing property audit and suggest ways that your property’s value could be increased through organized repairs, remodeling, and rent increases.

          Property Improvements – If you express an interest in potential improvements to your property, we’ll team up with expert tradesmen to make it happen with cost-effective pricing and management.

          Market Rent Analysis – Our property management team will monitor and respond to evolving market trends with comparable and profitable goals in order to get maximum rent with minimal days vacant.

          Regular Site Inspections – Our managers and maintenance team will inspect your property on a regular cadence. Any concerns will be communicated with our office and property owner.

          Financial Reports – DPM’s professional accountants will provide you monthly customized reports on your property’s income and expenses.

          Marketing and Leasing Services

          Market Survey and Plan – We will analyze all aspects of your property including demographics and market trends in order to identify the target tenants and marketing strategies.

          Marketing and Sales Campaign – Tools like 83 websites including NWMLS, Trulia, Zillow, and Craigslist along with our company website and onsite advertising will be used to execute an effective marketing campaign. Owners also get benefit from our preferred relationship with local companies like Microsoft and Amazon.

          Optimized Schedule – After evaluating peak rental months in your geographic area, we’ll schedule lease end dates that take full advantage of the most profitable months of the year.

          Reliable Screening – An efficient, thorough screening process is essential for connecting owners with quality tenants. We’ll screen every potential tenant’s criminal, rental, and FICO 2 credit history at no additional cost to the owner. We strive to have long-term tenants to reduce turnover costs.

          Streamlined Leasing – We make it possible for potential tenants to apply in person, by email, or through our website from their phone or computer. Regardless which connection the tenant prefers, our communication will be professional, informed, and timely with convenient and secure lease signing using authorized e-signature.

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          With our streamlined service, we keep properties full.
          Our secure virtual signing process produces results.
          The tenant online portal makes paying rent easy and reliable for the owner and tenant.
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          Utilize our maintenance and marketing teams for quick and cost efficient turnovers

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