Apartment Management in Seattle, WA

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Property Analysis Services

We investigate all avenues to increase efficiency and maximize revenue.

  • Apartment Property Audit
  • Apartment Property Improvements
  • Apartment  Market Rent Analysis
  • Ongoing Site Analysis
  • Property Reports


Property Management Services

We Organize and execute day-to-day responsibilities at premier standards.

  • Onsite Management
  • Offsite Management
  • Maintenance / Repairs
  • Apartment Rent Collection
  • Bill Payment


Marketing & Leasing Services

We utilize all market and sales trends to maximize opportunities at no additional cost to owner.

  • Market Survey / Plan
  • Marketing / Sales Campaign
  • Tenant Screening
  • Apartment Leasing

“Davis Property Management is a company that is trustworthy. In today’s world, were there are numerous options for every decision, it matters most if you can trust them. Davis Property Management manages all aspects required of my rental property; and even more impressive, corrects any missteps along the way.”

-Mr. Ryan Rourke, Property Owner

Davis Property Management specializes in fostering a partnership with clients to maximize their apartment investment and to have the confidence that their multi-family property is getting the reliable personal attention that only a smaller asset management company can provide. We offer superior apartment management services in Seattle to both our property owners and our tenants. DPM has the experience and knowledge in the local apartment market and takes pride in our stellar reputation of working with owners to strategically operate their property. Our goal is to achieve maximum net operating income while continually increasing property value. Our low overhead and consistent monitoring of building services and on-site management guarantees that the complex is well maintained with low tenant turnover and increased occupancy rates.

At Davis Property Management we are eager to prove ourselves. We communicate and respond in a timely and professional manner to both clients and tenants. Today’s rental property owners require a broad range of competent property management services. We offer comprehensive programs or selected services to meet the needs of our clients. Each apartment owner can stipulate how involved they would like to be in the operation of their multi-family project and designate the services that will be tailored to their needs.

Utilize Market Analysis to Determine Apartment Rent Value

Davis Property Management systematically researches and prepares a complete Property Analysis Report in order to maximize rent values and explore additional sources of income such as parking and storage.

Apartment Inspection/Improvements/Preparation

Every unit is thoroughly inspected by the professional Davis Property Management Team. A detailed analysis of each unit is done to determine the most logical and cost effective improvements, if any, that would increase the cash flow and sale value. The estimated costs of any improvements are analyzed against the potential increase in rental value. Deferred maintenance is promptly addressed. The apartment inspections are performed in the first sixty days of management acquisition and results are communicated with the owner.

Apartment Marketing

The Market analysis done by Davis Property Management will assist in delineating the demographics and defining the ideal tenant profile. We aggressively market each unit so that a reliable tenant can be screened and placed through our comprehensive screening service. Our on-line marketing tools include DPM Website, Google+, Facebook, Craig’s List, local newspapers and NWMLS and membership in the local Chamber of Commerce. Property based vacancy advertising is utilized whenever possible.

Apartment Website Creation

Davis Property Management creates an individualized, eye catching apartment web page within our own website that provides potential tenants information they need to make an informed decision. Attractive pictures are displayed of the interior of the unit, as well as the common areas. Pertinent information including location, property description, unit size, floor plan, amenities and rental fees are attractively displayed.

Apartment Tenant Screening

Establishing and maintaining a great tenant base is one of Davis Property Management’s priorities and celebrated success stories! We utilize a professional screening service to evaluate a prospective tenant’s rental history, credit, employment history, criminal background check as well as other personal and credit references. DPM believes good tenants foster a positive environment that minimizes turn overs and keeps our residents happy in their well-maintained apartments! These carefully screened tenants also help decrease costly repairs and time consuming on-site management.

Security Deposits

Davis Property Management collects both refundable and non-refundable deposits at the signing of every new lease. These funds provide some insurance that damages to the interior of the unit will be covered. The refundable deposits are maintained in a trust account and will be refunded within fourteen days of vacating the unit or kept by DPM to cover any damages made by the tenant. Damages that exceed the amount of the security deposit are sent to collections if not paid by the vacated tenant within thirty days.

Move-In & Move-Out Logistics

Davis Property Management oversees a comprehensive Move-in/Move-Out Inspection Sheet when a tenant moves into and out of an apartment. This detailed form, customized to each property, is completed by doing a walk-through of the unit by the tenant and manager or a member of the Davis Property Management Team. The apartment Move-Out Inspection Sheet is completed when the vacating tenant has removed all belongings and signed the Move-Out form with the management. This form is utilized by the DPM to assess any damages and subsequent charges.

Apartment Rent Collection

Davis Property Management Team, in conjunction with the on-site managers, promptly collects the monthly rental fees on the 5th of each month and deposits the funds into the bank within twenty-four hours. Timely rent payments are carefully monitored and late and NSF fees are assessed though the legal language in the Rental Agreement. Notices for delinquent rent payments are sent out in a judicious manner and legal action is promptly taken in the case of non-payment of rent.

Accounting Services

The computer accounting system used by Davis Property Management provides full accounting services. We produce reports that summarize a variety of data in a format that is easy to read and understand. DPM can produce any historical financial activity at a moment’s notice and immediate responses to any analytical or data requests from the owner. Submittal of monthly statements to our client assists in making decisions pertaining to maintenance and /or owner disbursement. Each month the client receives a customized Monthly and Year-To-Date Profit and Loss Report.


Davis Property Management recognizes that maintenance work can be costly, diminish rental fees and negatively affect adjoining tenants if it is not approached in a timely and conservative manner. Professional contractors or DPM maintenance staff assess the needed repairs and discuss cost effective alternatives. The management is organized to do quick turn-over improvements as well as total remodeling of units or common areas. Owners are always welcome to participate in these maintenance decisions.

We would love to meet any prospective property owner that is looking for an improvement in their investment management. We are confident in our abilities to offer you superior service while providing management savings of up to 25%. For all your apartment management, leasing and consulting needs in Seattle, please call us.