Close Out Property/Owner Request Form

Close Out Property/Owner Request Form

Administrative - Smart Ensure Enrollments:
Where to send SD?
Disgruntled owner?
Are any future invoices or bills expected?
Are any current WOs needing attention?

Disclaimer on property close, please notify the owner of the timing

  1. The monthly bank reconciliation is completed by the 15th of each month. Unless there are circumstances beyond our control. Ending the management will be completed with two (2) owner’s statements.
  2. The first owner’s statement will be provided as usual for the month the management transfer is requested. The month following the end of management request the owner will receive the owner’s final statement. The owner can expect the release of Reserves and Security Deposits along with the final owner's statement at that time.
  3. The owner must confirm the receipt of funds and the final owner's statement as the accurate disposition of funds to conclude management.

Steps for DPM office with receipt of the close-out form above

  1. Tenant portal deactivation
  2. Start end management task on the property page in AF with the date and other information on the form above
  3. Email form and when all entered in AF, email to