Commercial Property Management Services in Seattle, WA

Mixed Use Industrial Property Management

“Davis Property Management has the expertise of a team of real estate professionals that are involved in the sophisticated day-to-day operations of commercial property management. The property operations and maintenance department offers various services for clients and owners including monitoring and maintaining facilities, managing maintenance work orders quickly and efficiently, and renovating buildings to maximize cash flow. The backend team provides property accounting and reporting, contract management, and expense optimization forecasting. Our company has the flexibility to work with your leasing agent while we maintain our specialized care as a commercial property management team.”


Commercial Property Analysis Services

We investigate all avenues to increase efficiency and maximize revenue.

  • Commercial Property Audit
  • Commercial Property Improvements
  • Ongoing Site Analysis
  • Property Reports


Commercial Property Management Services

We Organize and execute day-to-day responsibilities at premier standards.

  • Offsite Management
  • Maintenance / Repairs
  • Rent Collection
  • Bill Payment


Experience the DPM Difference in Seattle’s Commercial Arena

For over 15 years, Davis Property Management has been at the forefront of Seattle’s bustling commercial property market. In a city that melds historical charm with modern enterprise, managing commercial spaces requires a deft touch and deep expertise – and that’s precisely what we offer.

Our understanding of Seattle’s unique property landscape is unmatched. We’ve navigated the challenges of repurposing vintage spaces into bustling commercial hubs, and we’ve also optimized contemporary structures to ensure our clients achieve the maximum ROI. Our services encompass a meticulous approach to property analysis, steadfast maintenance commitments, and transparent financial protocols.

The vibrancy of Seattle’s commercial sector demands more than just management; it requires leadership. With Davis Property Management, clients don’t just get a service provider; they gain a partner. A partner who understands the intricacies of the local market anticipates challenges, and crafts tailored strategies for success. As you venture into or continue your journey in Seattle’s property market, align with a name that embodies trust, experience, and proven results. Trust in Davis Property Management.

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