Lease Addendum Verbiage

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Last Month’s Rent

Copy & paste when needed into lease:
Last Month’s Rent
In addition to any other pre-payment, deposits, and move-in fees outlined in this Lease Agreement, Tenant(s) have made a prepayment of last month’s rent of $________ ($0.00 if not filled in), which shall be held in the same account as tenant’s security deposit (if any). This prepayment of Rent shall only be applied to the final month of tenancy and shall not be applied unless all tenants covered under this lease have vacated, have agreed to vacate the property, or have been served with a notice to terminate tenancy at the end of the rental period. This prepayment is forfeited in the event Tenant(s) terminates this agreement prior to the initial term of the tenancy or tenant is subject to eviction proceedings. Tenant(s) are required to pay any difference between the prepayment and the actual last month’s rent if rent has increased before the last month of tenancy.

Non-Refundable Move-In Fee

Copy & paste when needed into lease:
In addition to the above Security Deposit, Tenant(s) agree to pay the sum of two hundred dollars ($200.00) as a non-refundable fee. Tenant(s) understand this non-refundable move in fee will be forfeited if Tenant(s) sign lease and do not move into the said property but is not limited to this amount as provided by law. This fee does not cover any other costs and is a one time fee to move in and is non-refundable, non-negotiable.

Terms of MTM Lease

Copy & paste when needed into lease:
Terms of Lease with MTM:
A lease for a term beginning –insert field “Lease Start Date”– and ending –insert field “Lease End Date”–.

Upon expiration of the above-stated initial term of lease, this agreement shall revert to a month-to-month tenancy on the same terms and conditions as this agreement except as may be amended by Landlord upon thirty (30) or sixty (60) days’ written notice as allowed by law. Unless either party, at least twenty (20) days prior to the end date of the lease, shall give written notice to terminate the tenancy.

There are no mid-month or prorated move outs.

All funds due, including rent and security deposit, must be paid in full prior to move in or possession of the property. Tenant(s) failure to do this will result in a lease violation and additional late fees and not be allowed to move in till paid in full.

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