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A property manager ensures Bothell property owners are making the most of their assets by limiting liabilities and getting optimum performance for each property. A property manager helps owners save time, effort, and money by showing properties, keeping vacancy rates down, and searching for good tenants.

Property management services often have relationships with tenant pools and relocation companies to rent properties as quickly as possible. Once the leases are signed, a property manager holds deposits, collects rent on time, and deals with enforcement and maintenance issues.

Property managers are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for everything from immediate repairs to lockouts. This gives property owners an invaluable sense of peace and personal freedom knowing they are making the most of their Bothell real estate investments.

FAQs about Property Management in Bothell

What are the benefits of hiring a property manager? One of the biggest benefits of hiring a property manager is the time property owners can save. Showing, renting, and maintaining properties can become a time-consuming hassle. All of this work can be done by a property manager, including collections and other financial matters.

Property owners can focus on their investments and businesses without ongoing interruptions. Plus, having a trustworthy property manager can make it possible to own more properties for greater gains. When the work is in the hands of a professional, it is easier to acquire and keep up with a larger number of Bothell rental properties.

Is it important to perform background checks on possible tenants? The tenants that move into a property determine its condition and profitability. Good tenants report repairs immediately, pay rent on time, and maintain the property as if it was their own. A background check can determine the financial stability and character of a possible tenant.

Debts and poor references are alerts that the tenant may not pay rent on time and could damage the property. A property manager will perform background checks and interview tenants to help reduce the risks associated with renting Bothell properties.

Why should you get a fully executed lease and security deposit from prospective tenants? A property manager handles the execution of leases and collecting security deposits for all Bothell properties. A signed lease is a commitment that a tenant will pay the agreed upon rent at a certain time. It also clearly defines the details of your rental agreement including late fees, repairs, and more.

A security deposit will cover any damages that might occur as a result of the actions of a renter. A property manager will assess these damages to ensure the property can be repaired at no additional cost to the owner. This protects the owner from unnecessary expenses and liabilities.

How can a property manager increase your profits and reduce aggravation? Owning multiple properties means getting maintenance calls at midnight and keeping track of many rental payments. This can make it nearly impossible to go on vacation or keep up with other business and personal responsibilities. A property manager takes care of these details to maximize the profitability of each property. Most Bothell property owners find a property manager is worth the investment.

Bothell Property Management Resources

Name Address Phone
Northwest Home Appliance 10107 NE 153rd St
Bothell, WA 98011
411 Plumber 2429 243rd Place SW
Bothell, WA 98021
Cox Printing & Signs 22118 20th Ave. S.E. Suite 123
Bothell, WA 98021
Santor Law Firm 19125 North Creek Pkwy
Bothell, WA 98011
Intermountain Glass Inc 23905 Meridian Ave S
Bothell, WA 98021
Perfect Touch Landscape & Lawn 20611 Bothell Everett Hwy
Bothell, WA 98012
McLendon Hardware 17705 130th Ave NE
Woodinville, WA 98072
United Pest Solutions 6016 Bothell Way NE
Kenmore, WA 98028
NW Land Management 2707 187th St SE
Bothell, WA 98012

Bothell History

Bothell is in both Snohomish and King Counties in the State of Washington. It is part of the Seattle metro area. Before the European settlers arrived, there was as many as 200 Native Americans in the Lake Sammamish area. They were referred to as the Sammamish and relocated to reservations and non-reservation lands in 1856, after the Puget Sound War.

By 1870, Columbus S. Greenleaf and George R. Wilson filed land claims in the area near what is known as Bothell today. They built homes and eight families followed them in the next few years. By 1876, Canadian George Brackett purchased land and started commercial logging from a camp on the north bank of the Sammamish River. Within a few more years, a sawmills, store, and school opened. This area is now the center of downtown Bothell.

Bracket sold 80 acres to David Bothell from Pennsylvania in 1885. Bothell became the first town postmaster and the town was named in his honor in 1888. During that same year, a local railroad was built to transport coal from Issaquah. By 1909, Bothell was officially incorporated.

The river made the area ideal for logging and boat traffic that brought in a growing number of passengers and goods. More people moved to Bothell. The Army Corps of Engineers dredged and straightened the river. However, boat traffic was greatly reduced by 1917 when Lake Washington was lowered. Transport shifted to trucks once a brick road was built from Seattle. Logging started to decline and the local economy began to shift to farming.

Improved highways were built after World War II. Suburban development accelerated after the post-war boom. The population soared from 1000 in 1950 to over 30,000 by 2006. Many people lived in Bothell and worked in Seattle. By the 1990s, business development brought about 20,000 new jobs to the area in areas such as software development and biotechnology. The campus of the University of Washington opened in Bothell in 1990.

By 2010, a multi-million dollar program began to redevelop the downtown area. This including an expansion of the city hall, a city park, and the Bothell-Everett Highway. A major fire broke out in the Mercantile Building in 2016, causing serious damage. The fire closed over 20 businesses, and state-of-the-art rebuilding was required.

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50% off first month’s management fee for any rental property – Click Here