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Everett is an up and coming city with many amenities and perks to offer its population base. Everett has over 40 municipal parks, as well as many golf courses to provide great recreational outlets.  There are many thriving businesses, including the main hub for Boeing. This helps provide Everett with a solid work force that have a stable work environment, thus helping promote financial stability for the city as a whole. The financial climate for both small and big business is very good in Everett. Everett resides right along the shores of the Puget Sound which creates great walking corridors as well as amazing views of the water and surrounding mountain ranges. The Everett Marina provides great entertainment as well as functionality. The marina offers 2,300 boat moorage slips, making it the largest public marina on the West Coast. Restaurants and activities have been closely located, providing a great all-encompassing place for families to hang out.  If you want to access the San Juan Islands, the Everett Marina is the perfect place to start your adventure.Renting your investment property is a big decision and being able to trust who runs it is vital. As a property owner you have many options, but finding the right fit for your unique property is essential to maximizing its short term and long term viability.  At Davis Property Management we have the experience and knowledge to run your property at its peak performance. We are completely up front with homeowners and provide as much or as little documentation and information on how and what we are doing to manage a property.  We have systems and checklists in place to efficiently and professionally execute all of your property’s needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to a homeowner and properly manage that property to the owner’s exacting specifications. Our goal is to give a homeowner premier management services from the first step to the last so that the only thing a property owner must do is deposit revenue checks into their bank account; and if you want, we can even take care of that for you as well. Our motto is: Creating peace of mind through maximizing property investments. At Davis Property Management we work hard to maximize your Everett Investment Property. Davis Property Management provides a cost effective approach to investments in the Greater Puget Sound area. We are the premier management firm whether you own a single family home, or a 100 unit apartment complex. We have the most efficient, low cost solutions for you.

Everett has a current population of approximately 103,100. The city of Everett accommodates an ethnically diverse population that’s both younger (median age of 32) and more educated (84% high school graduates) than the national average. This is helped by the fact that many great businesses reside in Everett, including a huge hub for Boeing. This fosters an environment where the population is both more involved and knowledgeable, helping promote cohesiveness and a city’s general health.  Despite a picturesque waterfront location, Everett’s median home price is relatively affordable—just $317,500, compared to $591,000 in nearby Seattle. The rental market is also relatively affordable compared to that of nearby cities, especially Seattle. Everett is only 28 miles from downtown Seattle, helping provide much more cost effective housing for those who work downtown without causing a long, headache inducing commute.  Give us a call and we can help you decide if Everett is the right place for you and your family to reside.

Things to do in Everett:

  • Everett Aquasox- Mariners A minor league baseball team
  • Everett Silvertips- Minor League hockey team
  • Over 40 local city parks and golf courses, including Harbour Pointe Golf Club
  • Flying Heritage Museum
  • Schack Art Center
  • Imagine Children’s Museum

Businesses in Everett:

  • Boeing
  • Everett Naval Station
  • Providence Medical Center
  • Verizon
  • Intermec
  • Fluke Corporation

Education opportunities in Everett:

  • UW- Everett Campus
  • WSU- Everett Campus
  • Everett Community College
  • Edmonds Community College
  • ITT Tech- Everett campus