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Redmond is an established Eastside city, home of Microsoft. Redmond is continuing to grow and improve its infrastructure, providing many amenities and perks to its population base. The walkability and entertainment options are exponentially increasing, as well as new, plush housing options.  Redmond is the home to many technology companies, who work with and compete with Microsoft, making Redmond the unofficial technology capital of the world. This provides a very tech savvy, financially stable population who typically work locally or travel the short commute to Seattle. Redmond is located only 16 miles East of Seattle, providing a very short commute for both work and recreation opportunities. Located between Washington’s dramatic Cascade mountain range and beautiful Puget Sound, surrounded by towering evergreen forests, Redmond is known for its lush surroundings. In a city with over 34 parks and 25 miles of trails, it’s easy to forget that you’re within 20 minutes of downtown Seattle and only 45 minutes to great skiing and hiking opportunities. Redmond has recently experienced a large commercial boom, with many retail shops, apartment complexes and businesses opening there. Redmond even has its own sprawling outdoor shopping center built in 1997 called Redmond Town Center, providing food, clothing, and entertainment options. Some would say that traffic is the major deterrent for living in Redmond, however much has and is being done to rectify that situation. The main byway to Seattle, SR-522 is currently undergoing expansion along with the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. Once completed, many traffic concerns should be mitigated. Within the next 3 years, Redmond will have its own East Link light rail service that will provide a perfect option for commuters who want to travel from Redmond to Bellevue, Seattle, and beyond.

Renting your Redmond investment property is a daunting task, but with Davis Property Management it is a smooth process where we provide systems and expertise to take on all issues and liabilities. This provides the property owner peace of mind, while maximizing their properties short and long term revenue streams. At Davis Property Management we work hard to maximize your Redmond Investment Property. Davis Property Management provides a cost effective approach to investments in the Greater Puget Sound area. We are the premier management firm whether you own a single family home, or a 100 unit apartment complex.  We have the most efficient, low cost solutions for you. We pride ourselves on providing premier management service while saving you money.

Redmond has a current population of approximately 56,561. The city of Redmond accommodates an ethnically diverse population that’s both younger (median age of 34) and more educated (95% high school graduates) than the national average. These numbers have a lot to do with the technology sector, which is comprised of many young, bright businessmen. Redmond has something to offer just about anyone and also provides waterfront property, residing partly along the shores of Lake Sammamish. There are many seasonal festivals and performing arts to provide local, top line entertainment. Marymoor Park is a huge outdoor play land for families young and old. Marymoor is home to the state’s only Velodrome, where individuals can test their biking skills, while also providing great entertainment on race days. There are many soccer, baseball, softball, and basketball outlets within the park as well as the state’s largest off-leash dog park. Many concerts and events are held at Marymoor, including Cirque du Soleil, Norah Jones, Peter Paul & Mary, Rob Thomas, and Duran Duran to name a few. Call us today to learn more about what Redmond has to offer and how we can help you efficiently and professionally manage your investment property.

Things to do in Redmond:

  • Marymoor Park
  • Idylwood Beach Park
  • Over 30 local city parks and golf courses, including Willows Run Golf Club
  • iPic Theaters
  • Black Raven Brewing Company
  • Redmond Town Center

Businesses in Redmond:

  • Microsoft
  • AT&T
  • Genie Corporation
  • Hyperlite Wakeboards
  • Mac and Jacks Brewery
  • Nintendo
  • Play Network