How To Have A Standout Property Listing?

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Written by: Eric Davis

The apartment rental listing ad is hit or miss most of the time, but the minute you get connected to the right tenant, you are in for the long haul. Rental ads are the extension of the property, and they should not only describe the property selling points but also subconsciously describe the type of renter that you want to attract. Just like a bad resume or a poorly written school paper, a badly written advertisement could cause you bad results and attract the wrong tenants. Always keep in mind — people are searching for a ‘home’, so make sure that you are upfront about what your property has to offer.

Today’s rental market is very competitive, so you want to guarantee that your property stands out from the crowd. When rental customers do not have much information on the rental place, numerous discussions usually end with, “Thank you, but that is not actually what I was looking for.” However, educated tenants will be one bit nearer to choosing about rental before they reach out— lessening the number of impasse calls, messages, and unnecessary tours. Here are the important factors to add in a rental advertisement:

1. Listing Description – It is important to start the rental posting with prime details, so add only crucial ones. Think of it as if you are the one looking for a rental place; you don’t want to waste a lot of time going through online postings. Use compelling and understandable words and do not use idioms/slang words. The listing description consists of the following:

  • Headline – Titles need to be precise and eye-catching to be noticeable.
  • Opening Statement – Get to the point and ensure that your sentence can give them a reason to continue reading the listing.
  • Description of Features – Describe the property accurately. Nothing can capture a prospective tenant’s attention more than a good and detailed listing description.

2. Inform What the Property Can Offer – In our previous article, What Do Renter’s Really Want, we explained what most renters are looking for in their future place. Rental posting sounds appealing by utilizing the correct words in advertising them. List rent, lease term, and required fees. Do not focus on things the property does not have; instead, emphasize its features. When on tours with a possible renter, do not discuss the competitors but rather point out the property qualities. Provide limitations information, common amenities, upgrades, and charming property features like outdoor space or home safety.

3. Quality Pictures – Include no less than ten top-notch photographs. Most people will not read a whole listing (rent or purchase), so pictures are important. They’ll contemplate the location, cost, and photos. Give the possible occupants an idea of what it will look like once they live in it. Aside from posting pictures, take your rental advertisement postings to a higher level with virtual appointments. Getting assistance from a professional photographer is also one of the alternatives.

Examples of what should be included in your property listing.

4. Be Transparent – Be upfront about any policies that can be deal makers for possible tenants, such as rent amount, deposits, charges, and lease time. Put in the guidelines on pets, smoking, noise, parking, and whatever else that may influence their choice. Furthermore, be explicit regarding different expenses they may need to pay: move-in prices, the security deposit, HOA charges, parking fees, what utilities they are answerable for, and so on.

5. Market Company Reviews – Getting a positive review means your business is doing good. Utilize it to gain an advantage to the rental posting. It is always great to get a reference from reliable sources and establish the fundamental trust your interest group needs to feel good in renting the property.

6. Location – Most tenants search properties with the location. Using specific keywords such as location can help your future tenants find their ideal property much easier. Showing the neighborhood and what it offers can also add to the prospects deciding points.

And lastly,

7. Advertise – This is an important period in getting a qualified tenant. Poor advertisement won’t pay ample attention, and it’s less likely to have a good renter. Composing a compelling house rental listing is the first step towards landlord and property management success. Write it properly, put it in the right places, and it will convey the tenant you’re looking for. As per the Fair Housing Act[1], it is unlawful to discriminate; however, it’s not wrong to have an honest look at what kind of tenant your rental will draw in. Before jumping to online listings, consider some conventional advertising approaches.

  • Setting up a “For Rent” sign in the front yard
  • Sticking rental flyers to announcement boards in and out of town
  • Posting in a local newspaper

One of the classic and oldest ways in advertising a property.

Using old ways to get the word out is helpful though it’s not as much as it used to be. Placing a “For Rent” sign on a busy street can draw people familiar with the neighborhood. Online posting is one of the many different platforms that can be used to display a rental ad. The online network plays a perfect part in choosing what to have and what not to. It is calculated that individuals go through somewhere around two hours online every day — utilize this for your potential benefit and go where your possible occupants are. Proofread your rental ad and have another set of eyes to look it over before posting it. Web-based advertising rules the digital age. Below are other platforms you can work with:

Zillow Rentals Consumer Housing Trends Report 2020[2] indicated that 60% of tenants said their moving date was flexible or transactional. Vacancies are every landlord’s worst nightmare. By crafting the perfect rental listing, you can fill your vacancy quickly with qualified tenants. It can save you in the long run by making an effort to create an engaging and informative listing that is eye-catching for possible tenants.

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