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Written by: Eric Davis

The whole world has been on hold for the last two years because of the unexpected arrival of COVID in early 2020. We are just beginning to get back on our feet, adjust to the new normal and continue to live our lives despite the pandemic. One of the things that we are excited about is the celebration of the coming holidays this year. The holiday season starts with one of the most celebrated days in our country, Thanksgiving.

This year, many Americans will gather despite the continued spread of the new coronavirus variants. Even as the pandemic continues, the holiday will still be observed, although not as we did before. Thanksgiving is a particular time of the year that customarily includes traveling to see friends and loved ones for a happy get-together and a festive meal. Last year around this season, everything looked different. Experts advised those who want to celebrate Thanksgiving to wear masks, move events outside, and have it small. Everyone is ogling for ideas to celebrate Thanksgiving virtually throughout the pandemic. But thankfully, Thanksgiving 2021 is becoming to look further like how we used to remember it. With the continued implementation of the COVID-19 vaccines, this year’s holidays could be more like normal. Specialists are emphasizing the significance of vaccination for every single qualified individual. Being completely vaccinated against Covid defends us in getting the infection and essentially brings down the danger of severe sickness or death. Cases have been going down in most parts of the country. As of mid-October, over 56% of Americans have been completely immunized. In case you’re facilitating Thanksgiving this year, there are a few actions you should take to ensure everybody’s protection.

A simple outdoor setup.


A considerable lot of safety measures shouldn’t be new: As usual, distance and ventilation can prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Wearing masks inside can block the spread of the virus, and having get-togethers small or reduced to only people from your family can likewise help. As we keep on enduring the pandemic, stay away from large get-togethers. Set up a sanitizing station for visitors to use or carry one to your host’s residence. Practice good hygiene during the event. Regardless of the occasion, you’re holding, it is ideal you plan ahead of time to help with food arrangements and visitors.


In observance of the holiday festivities, CDC[1] urges to limit contact with others. Think about who you are inviting to identify the risk you are taking. Keep in mind – COVID-19 can still be spread even if no symptoms can be seen. So, ensure your visitors use masks consistently (even outside) aside from eating and exercising social distancing. These two are the best effective ways to alleviate the spread of the virus. You can additionally request your visitors to get examined a few days prior to the meeting. A negative outcome does not assure that a visitor will be virus-free when the occasion happens, but self-isolation implies a much lower likelihood. We all want to have a good celebration of the holidays; however, nothing could be sadder than having a loved one get ill.

Roasted chicken or turkey for Thanksgiving Day on a festive table setting.


The way to keep the pressure to a minimum is to be prepared! Review your menus. It’s a good thing to buy your non-perishable Thanksgiving meal ingredients in advance. Shopping ahead offers you a chance to compare costs and possibly spend less on certain things you need. To keep up with social distancing, set up an arrangement for dinner times so that the dining table will not be crowded. It is also a great idea to individualized portions instead of passing around and sharing a platter for the whole table. This year, try healthier recipes rather than serving the old reserves — turkey covered in sauce, candy-coated sweet potatoes, buttered corn, and pumpkin pie. Have assigned servers and make sure not to share utensils. For additional holiday recommendations, please visit the CDC website[2].


Monitoring COVID-19 cases in the nearby community are necessary to assist everyone in decision-making and planning for this holiday. To lessen the risk of exposure, consider picking a closer place so you can make fewer stops en route. Moreover, check what state and area travel limitations might be authorized in regions you’re going through. Most airlines and different types of public travel require a mask. Ensure that whatever you wear fits well and completely covers your mouth and nose. Whenever the situation allows, stay away from different travelers, and keep up with appropriate hygiene. You can go to the CDC website for more details on traveling this coming holiday.


Even after the holiday, we should not let our guard down. We need to watch out for any signs in ourselves and relatives. If you believe you have COVID-19 indications, get tested and inform the individuals you socialized with during the occasion.

An alternate way to connect with your loved ones.


Here are the ways to keep the occasion happy with a virtual celebration:

  • Prep together – Video call with your list of attendees as you all prepare for your Thanksgiving feasts in your own homes.
  • Shared dinner experience – Sharing dinner with your loved ones even though you’re not particularly in the same location still is the best thing to experience on Thanksgiving Day. It can include the same menu, having the same scented candles, or drinking the same beverages.
  • Thanksgiving treats – In a normal way of celebration, guests bring something, and the host prepares for something in return. But in this case, you can just send it off to each other.
  • Special Programs – To make it remarkable, you can make a program for the evening with highlights, such as opening and closing remarks, song or dance number, a little storytelling, or a brief slideshow of old family photos.

Lastly, remember to follow basic hygiene practices at Thanksgiving, like covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze with your elbow, washing your hands using soap and water before eating or while preparing the food. We don’t have to cancel Thanksgiving or celebrate with only close family this year; however social events ought to be more low-key than before the pandemic. By following these measures, professionals trust it’s feasible to have a normal Thanksgiving.

Here at Davis Property Management, the safety of our tenants and residents is our number one priority. We make sure that safety protocols are followed, and that common areas are sanitized and disinfected regularly. We also ensure that all common areas are well maintained and that social distancing guidelines are strictly enacted. Remember — you may be on vacation, but the coronavirus isn’t. Don’t let your guard down. Keep following these safety measures before, during, and after the holidays.

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