The Secret to Calculating ROI for a Financed Rental Property in Seattle

December 4, 2023 0 comment

When entering the rental property investment scene in Seattle, understanding Return on Investment (ROI) is fundamental. However, if you’ve financed your rental property, calculating ROI becomes slightly more intricate but is equally, if not more, essential. Let’s uncover the secret to calculating ROI for financed rental properties in Seattle.

1. Understand ROI’s Significance

ROI serves as a critical metric for assessing the performance and profitability of an investment, helping investors determine how much they’re earning in relation to the cost of their investment.

2. Traditional ROI Formula 

The basic ROI formula is: ROI=(Net ProfitCost of Investment)×100%ROI=(Cost of Investment Net Profit)×100%

3. Calculating ROI for Financed Rental Properties 

For financed properties, the formula requires some tweaking. Your investment cost isn’t just the down payment. You must also account for interest, loan origination fees, and other financing costs.

Total Investment Cost = Down Payment + Closing Costs + Rehab Costs + Loan Fees
Annual Profit = Annual Rental Income – Annual Mortgage Payments – Other Annual Expenses
Then, the ROI for a financed property is: ROI=(Annual ProfitTotal Investment Cost)×100%ROI=(Total Investment CostAnnual Profit)×100%

4. Practical Example

Suppose you buy a rental property in Seattle for $500,000. You put down 20% ($100,000) and finance the rest. Your closing costs, loan fees, and rehab amounts to $15,000.
Your Total Investment Cost = $100,000 + $15,000 = $115,000

If you earn $36,000 annually in rent and spend $20,000 on mortgage payments and other expenses:

Annual Profit = $36,000 – $20,000 = $16,000
Using the formula: \text{ROI} = \left( \frac{$16,000}{$115,000} \right) \times 100\% = 13.91\%

5. Factors Impacting ROI in Seattle

• Property Location: Areas with high demand and low supply may offer higher rental incomes.
• Financing Terms: Interest rates, loan terms, and other financing specifics can drastically affect your ROI.
• Property Management Costs: If you hire a property manager, their fees must be included in the annual expenses.
• Market Dynamics: Economic factors, employment rates, and Seattle’s property demand can affect rental rates and property values.

6. The Power of Leverage

Financing allows investors to acquire a property with a fraction of the total cost (the down payment). While this introduces the cost of interest, it also provides the advantage of leverage. A smaller initial investment can lead to a potentially higher ROI, especially in appreciating markets like Seattle.


Calculating ROI for financed rental properties in Seattle gives investors a clear picture of their investment’s performance. By understanding how leverage and financing intricacies impact ROI, you’re better equipped to make informed, strategic investment decisions.

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