6 Tips to Make a Seattle Property Attractive to Renters

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Seattle Property Attractive to Renters


Home of innovation and a bustling, urban scene, Seattle is mostly known for coffee and rainy days. But, hip neighborhoods, a renowned school system, an eco-friendly culture and a vast spectrum of activities make Seattle a great place to call home.

Dynamic and constantly evolving, Seattle is one of the fastest-growing big cities in the U.S., and its population has significantly increased in recent years. With more people moving to the Emerald City, real estate in Seattle and rental properties are booming.

The growing appeal of Seattle and a large number of people looking to start a life or career here are catching the attention of stakeholders; new constructions and offers are surging. For landlords, this means new competition and new standards to keep up with.

While the economy or the competitiveness of a market may change, there is one thing landlords can control: the appearance of their residence. Even minor improvements can assure renters that they have found their home. Try these tips to make your property stand out in the market and attract the perfect candidate.

1. Clean Well

Nobody enjoys messy, dusty spaces. A clean residence will demonstrate the overall quality of maintenance of the property, while also making an excellent first impression on the potential renter.

Take time to deep clean the residence – from furniture to floors, carpets, and curtains, as well as all the little corners that might need attention. There’s something very satisfying about the scent and look of a freshly tidied home, so make sure tenants will experience it on their first visit.

2. Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

The interior of the property isn’t all that matters. Many landlords tend to neglect the exterior of the building, even though it greatly influences first impressions. The building should be welcoming and lure potential tenants to the home and invite them inside.

Clean the exterior space, take care of the lawn and think about ways to beautify it. It can be as simple as planting flowers, adding decorations or grooming the shrubs. Another way to refresh the outdoor space is to paint the fence, mailbox, doors and any other items that could be revived with a fresh coat of color.

3. Invest in Kitchens & Bathrooms

Think about your property from a renter’s point of view, and how convenient it is to live there. A fully equipped kitchen and a modern bathroom with all the necessary facilities will positively affect how future tenants perceive your property.
Additionally, changing the countertops or door handles, or painting the cabinets could greatly enhance the look of the kitchen. For the bathroom, consider installing new faucets, replacing the toilet or upgrading the mirror. Investing in these spaces will allow you to increase the rent and attract better tenants.

4. Staging

Aesthetics matter. Styling the property will allow you to highlight the best features of the home and help tenants picture themselves living there. Besides a clean look, everyone enjoys nicely decorated spaces. Remember, presentation is key.

Add artwork, vases, statues or any other elements that are pleasant to the eye. Make it look cozy by tossing pillows or throw blankets on couches. Or, open up the space with extra mirrors. There are countless ways to stage space. So, get creative and bring out the best in your rental!

5. Know Your Audience & Your Competition

You don’t want to attract just any tenant. Think about the ideal renters and why your property would be of interest to them. Also, learn about the types of people who are interested in renting in your area and what makes it appealing to them.

The same goes for your competition. Research similar properties in your location and study the features other landlords emphasize, their rental rates and what makes them unique.

Understand both your audience and your competition to present the residence in the best possible way and avoid being rejected due to details you could have addressed.

6. Advertise

Waiting for the right candidate might not do the trick. If you want people to know about your rental, get out there and tell them about it. Advertise your property on various websites or in local publications or directories. This will also allow you to target your advertising to the types of people you want to reach – and not waste time on renters who don’t fit your profile.

While it might take some effort to create the perfect listing, taking time to work through every detail will improve your results. People are drawn to appealing visuals, so take high-quality photos of your home to showcase its best features. Also, write a complete and engaging description to captivate readers and encourage them to contact you.

When advertising, put yourself in the renter’s shoes. What would they be interested in knowing? What tone should you use? Why should they choose it over others? What would they consider as downsides, and how can you address them? Speak their language and you will increase your chances of renting your property quickly.

Bonus Tip: Offer a Welcome Package

The first interaction and the tone you set can make or break the deal. Create a warm atmosphere by offering potential tenants a welcome package to make it a memorable experience they will definitely appreciate.

For example, offer a local product, such as wine, a small decoration or a sweet treat. Wrap it nicely and offer it with a smile on your face – the renters will surely appreciate it!

Whether it requires a substantial investment, or it just needs minor fixes, there are many ways to make a property more appealing to tenants. Knowing which strategies you should tackle depends on your needs, budget, and capabilities, but will help you improve your home and attract the right candidate.


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