What You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet

January 15, 2020 0 comment

Are you one of those who is flushing things down the toilet? Most of us are not aware of the things that shouldn’t be flushed.

Here are the things to avoid to keep your property pipes clog-free.

Baby Wipes, Paper Towels & Tissues
Guilty, right? According to the plumbing companies Boulden Brothers[1] and Gold Medal Service[2], even “flushable” baby wipes must be thrown out in a wastebasket because they don’t integrate the way toilet paper does.

Q-Tips & Cotton Pads
Yes, it is not safe to flush cotton balls, cotton pads, and Q-Tips.
As said by Boulden Brothers, all they do is clump together and cause problems in your pipes.

Menstrual Products and Diapers
Never flush tampons, pads, diapers, etc. down the toilet. Aguglario, co-owner of Gold Medal Service told TODAY[3] that these products would only expand when you flush them down the toilet because they are meant to absorb water.

This one might shock you, but if you get rid of old pills, remember not to flush them. According to Boulden Brothers, the medicine will get into the water and can cause toxic environmental effects as the toilet water doesn’t break them down properly.

According to Agugliaro, flushing them causes clogs in toilets and even in septic tanks. Remember that condoms are not designed to break down in water.

Dental Floss and Hair
Boulden Brothers said that floss could clog your pipes as well as damage the environment. Even Agugliaro explained a flushed floss would turn into a net that will catch and hold onto other debris. While hair floats, and it never dissolves in water no matter how long it’s in there, he added.

Cigarette Butts
Boulden Brothers explain that this will add toxic chemicals to the water, too. As well as cigarette buds, which can cause a clog, according to Agugliaro.

We all know that chewing gum doesn’t exactly break down in water. It is sticky and can easily stick to your pipes. So there is no reason not to throw gum out in the wastebasket, Agugliaro explains.

Cooking Greece
Pouring cooking oil down the drain is a big no, no! The same goes for your toilet, too. According to Bouldren Brothers, cooking grease solidifies when it cools.

Some people will flush pet fish when they die, but it’s not a good idea as they don’t break down in the water. Agugliaro advised sticking to a proper burial instead.

Undigested food can cause problems in your plumbing, too. Even though it’s biodegradable, it can still cause clogs, as said by Agugliaro.

It might surprise you because it’s part of your regular toilet cleaning routine, but according to Agugliaro, bleach is too harsh for your toilet and septic tank. He also notes that you can use vinegar instead to get the stains out in your toilet.

Keeping your pipelines clog-free requires maintenance and upkeep. A good investment is to schedule routine maintenance from a professional plumber or property management team to prevent any future issues.

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[1]Boulden Brothers
[2]Gold Medal Service

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